About Us

Seasons of Change LLC is a death education and counseling service. Seasons of Change LLC exists to change the American perception of death from an unwelcome, unexpected event into an expected season of human development.  We are a full service training and education company offering personal and family consultations about end-of-life matters.  Located in Oakland, CA., SOC believes that it is both the certainty of death and the uncertainties of life that makes each day meaningful.  SOC is creating a new culture and ethic of acceptance, of stewardship and family unity; we believe preparation for death is an empowering act, strengthening family ties and promoting family empathy and awareness.  Seasons of Change provides practical  and emotional support to families and individuals, professional training to caregivers and service providers; and information and education about death and the dying process.  We support home funerals and memorials, faciliate and notarize Advanced Directives, and provide mediation services in family tailored consults.  We offer tools and strategies for learning to heal through a personal loss.  Our staff combines many years of experience in health education, crisis counseling, values clarification and event planning to provide an individualized approach to family empowerment.

In the United States, doctors are not taught to recognize death as an inevitable event, death is thought to be a “medical failure”. The prevailing ethic in hospitals is to “treat” when there is any set of symptoms or conditions that can be addressed by a procedure or medicant. Physicians and their patients are not trained to accept death as an expected (and often welcome) season of life.

Seasons of Change exists:

To encourage families to talk to each other about death. We advocate the execution of Advanced Directives for all families, regardless of age or health status of members.

To help families plan for the inevitable. To assist families (with information and practical support) with home deaths and death care. Death care can be done at home in all but 7 of the 50 states (CT, IN, LA, MI, NE, NY, UT). In CA, one needs to have a properly issued death certificate and a permit to transport the body.

To promote the idea of a “good death” – as pain free and conscious as possible.

To promote the use of hospice and a whole family systems approach to dying.

To advocate for more humane end-of-life care. To support legislation empowering families including laws permitting physician assisted suicide.

To educate about, encourage and promote eco-friendly body disposition and to support the goals of the Green Burial Council.

To contribute to the online community’s end-of-life discussion.

At Seasons we believe death is constant and continual. A greater awareness of death promotes a fuller appreciation of life. Please take this opportunity to explore the site, learn new information, share a personal experience or perspective. Comment on a post. Welcome!

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Professional Training – Clergy, Social workers, Police, Fire, Emergency Personnel, Doctors, Nurses, CNAs

Family groups – couples, and intergenerational – service tailored specifically to needs of group, this includes orientation to and use of “Life review” tool for taking family oral history, facilitation of “making hard decisions” conversation; writing eulogies and

Memorial Planning & Officiating – design ceremonies and facilitate arrangements for personalized funeral services, provide information about green alternatives, instructions on caring for deceased at home and home funerals;

Advanced directives – preparation of living wills, healthcare Power of Attorney documents, including notarization and values clarification around e-o-l issues;

Resource and referralscomprehensive database of service providers with peer review and ratings;

Grief Support/Bereavement Counseling -Short or long-term, individual and or group; child, adolescent or adult;

Spiritual Midwifery – if you’d like your loved one accompanied, I can sit with him or her and/or family through the transition. I can also provide meditation and visualization instruction for client, family and caregivers.